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Crow's Nest Ferris Wheel is your every day ferris wheel. It fits in well with the rest of the rides on Fiesta Bay Boardwalk because it's very colorful and very bright. It looks very cool at night with its miniature lights show it puts on for passer-byers and it makes Fiesta Texas' skyline look even better. You get a nice view of the park from the top! Perfect spot for pictures and even better spot for nice relaxation.

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Crow's Nest
Status   Operational
Type  Flat Ride
Manufacturer  Chance Morgan
Model  Ferris Wheel

Opened  1994
Height  90ft.
Speed  0.4rpm
Duration  5:00
Other  20 Gondolas

Min Height  42"
Other Requirements  Under 42" must ride with an adult. No Infants.

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